Links of Interest

Sagebrush Studebaker Links of Interest

Studebaker National SDC drive your Studebaker day    Click this link

SDC International Meet 2013  Colorado Springs, Colorado,%20CO%20page%201.htm 

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Awards Service   Click this link

Dash Plaques Click this link

Trophies For Car Shows Click this link

Find a Chapter in SDC     Click this link

 Now take a look at some of Studebaker’s cars and trucks.

Click this link for a drag lark.
Click this link for South Bend Museum.
Click this link for a look at the Avanti.

Click this link for a look at a small town in the 1950′s look for the Stude’s.  1950's town

Click this link to see video of WWII Studebaker trucks it is great!!!

The following is a list of items of interest

1. Last Packard design, to be announced in  1966.
2. Safety Tip: Heated car air by the sun can cause cancer!!!!!! Sep 14th, 2011.
3. Studebaker Life Support updated Feb-2012.
4. Club Logo for Jackets,
5. Studebaker National Museum. It’s the sponsored farm wagon!
6. Studebaker motor company and 2006 HAWK!
7. This is the Trophy car we sponsored in the SDC International meet.
8. 1964 Studebaker Avanti The Elusive Year by Fred K. Fox
9. Studebaker Trucks Legacy
10. Avanti announcement
11. 1876 Studebaker wagon brings the Cowboy food on the trail
12. Armored Studebaker in 1931 Mar 09th, 2013