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Can an Electric fuel pump be added to Studebakers?

There is a complete write up on electric fuel pumps in the June 2000 Turning Wheels which will be added later. There is a new 6 volt electric fuel pump from Airtex Model #E8011 about $92. This pump can be used for either positive or negative grounds. The pump itself must be electrically isolated from its mounting bracket, so it will work on the positive or negative grounds. Persons with 6 volt systems formerly had to choose between Rotary Vane or Bellows Type electric pumps.  The Rotary Vane pump will not allow the stock mechanical pump to pull fuel through if one wants to shut off the electric pump for any reason once the engine is running. The Bellows pump will allow the mechanical pumps to pull  through if desired, but there are serious reliability problems with this pump. The Airtex is a good alternative.