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Can the rear drums be removed from the hubs so the break lines and cylinders can be services with out pulling the hub? If you are going to use my method for the rear axle drum and hub i should tell you the steps i go through. You should go to this site and get the mill to remove the studs from the hub It will make the job much easy-er, I used a small cutting wheel on a drill to re moved the excess swaging from the stud before removing the drum. The mill will give a much better and cleaner job, and you may not need to  bend the drum center face as i did on the original method i used.

How to remove the drum from the hub:

1:) Get a mill from the web site above for the size of your studs and cut away the swaging from the stud, make sure not to cut the surface of the drum. If you do not have a mill a 1 to 2 inch cutting wheel can be used in a hand drill. In either case b very careful not to damage the threads on the studs.

2:) Use a thin screw driver to lift the center of the drum face so a large square shank-ed screw drive can be inserted between the center drum face and the hub. Drive the square shank ed screw driver in on each side of each stud and then use a wench on the square shank to turn the screw driver to lift the drum face up and off of the stud. You must work around the hub on each stud so you are lifting the hub off the studs evenly. This process will bend the center face of the drum but we will fix this in the next step. Before the drum is removed from the hub put some paint ( white ) on the drum and one stud. This will leave the drum on the hub in the same location as original and the center plain and any balancing will be correct.

3:) With the drum off the hub use an old flanged axle from another car is used to flatten the center of the drum using a large hammer. The drum is now ready to have the final step done before putting it back on the hub.

4:) Use a square file to remove any burs from the base of each stud on the hub. Now use a round file to remove any burs from each stud hole in the drum so it will go back on the hub without any interference, but not loose. With the drum in place the rim with tire can be mounted on the studs and the nuts replaced. This will hold the drum and rim in place and the next time you need to inspect or do any maintenance the hub will not need to be pulled. The tire can be removed and that will allow the drum to be removed as well.

I think this will give you a better idea of what and how i did the job on my 62 GT Hawk and 63 Cruiser. The brakes on both are the same as when the drums were swaged. The axles on both are 44's