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Electronic ignition replacing the points with Crane products, for Prestolite distributor.

Go to <>  and search for Crane Cams and order the XR700 part number crn-700-0231 FireBall points conversion ignition kit, and from Pertronix buy the Flame-Thrower coil part number pnx-40011. 

Now you are ready to convert your Studebaker from points to  pointless electronic ignition. The first step will be to fine the number 1 plug on the car and to check the engine to see that the timing marks on the crank shaft line up on the timing marks and that the rotor on the distributor lines up with the number 1 spark plug wire. I put a dot of white paint next to  the number 1 spark plug wire and took the distributor cap off to see for sure the rotor was lined up with the number 1 wire.  For the Prestolite distributor on a v8 the thin walled shutter is used. The thin walled shutter will mis the post where the existing points are mounted. The shutter has no metal tabs to press tight agents the cam lobs so take thin aluminum (about .005, most hardware stores will carry this type aluminum in a roll about 12 inches wide and 2 or 3 ft long.) and cut four T shaped peaces and slip them  in four of the slots next to the inside cam lobs on the shutter. There is a slot by each cam lobe. You can put some contact glue on each T shaped peace to hold them in position.You will use the FireBall XR700 instructions to replace the points and add the electronic ignition box and the new Flame-Thrower coil.

The first step is to remove the distributor cap and the rotor from inside the distributor. Now you are ready to remove the points and condenser from the distributor. By using the thin shutter for you v8, the post that the points are mounted to will not   need to be cut off  the distributor plate. If the electronic box would ever fail then the points could be placed back on the distributor plate the you would be up and running. This is a nice backup.

OK now with the points and condenser removed you are ready to put in the trigger and shutter for the electronic ignition. You will follow the Universal 4-6-8 cylinder distributor adjustable bracket kit to install the trigger and shutter. With the engine still set to the timing mark the distributor will also still be set on the number 1 plug wire you can set up the trigger to fire at this phisical location and your car will be timed correctly. When you install the trigger and shutter rout the wires so they do not come in contact with the rotor or the shutter.

I mounted the electronics box on the fender on the passenger side of my HAWK, as there are two bolts that hold a brace on the underside of the fender. I made a bracket that mounted to the two bolts and i use 4 screws to mount the box to the bracket. The length of the wires on the box will go from the box to the firewall and then back to the coil that is mounted on the back of the intake manifold.

Your old coil can be replace with the new Flame-Thrower and you will be ready to set the trigger to the correct timing. There is a LED on the electronic box that will come on when the trigger is set to the correct place. There are very good instructions in the FireBall installation manual. The trigger can be mounted any place on the distrbutor plate as the engine is still set to the correct timing marks from the work already done above.   The XR700 installation instructions are very good, If you have questions e-mail me at the address at the top of this list.